ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (337)

"I hope that old ......... retires soon. He talks on and on but doesn't ever say anything of substance. He is hurting our firm by remaining in the figurehead position. People won't have confidence in us if they talk to him and figure out that for all the talking, he has nothing to say," Brent told Jim about the senior law partner in the law firm.
"I know that a good night's sleep would increase my chances of success on tomorrow's final exam but I am too ......... up to sleep," Jill told Nancy.
"I like John but his wife is too ......... for my taste. She is always trying to dominate the conversation or activity I am involved in and she needs to be in control of virtually everything that happens," Jane told Jack.
"I am sorry; could you repeat yourself? I didn't get much sleep last night and I am still a little .........," Ned said to John.
"Who let Lisa out of the booby .........? Did you hear that argument she just made for shortening the work week? It made no sense at all," Brian said to Tina.
"I am lucky; my boss gives me a lot of ......... during the work week so I can tailor my days the way I want to. Some of my friends are on these tight, constricted schedules that dictate exactly what they do, how they do it and when the work is done," Jill said to Rosa.
"If you are looking for Mr. Rossini's office, it is in the west ......... of the building on the third floor. I think it is number 307 but I couldn't swear to it," Hank said to the man.
"We have to discipline Jeremy for what he did. Theft is nothing to ......... at. We can't allow him to think stealing is OK," Bill said to Nina.
I am scared of living anywhere where there are tornados. It is horrible to see whole towns that are ......... out by tornados on the news.
"I wouldn't challenge Chen to a game of chess if any of your friends are around. He will wipe the ......... with you," Sylvia said to Marisol.