ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (188)

He was happy about the sale. The customer had offered less than he was asking but could pay, that same day, in cash. Nothing beat cold, ......... cash no loan terms and uncertainty, no financing issues and no hassles.
He tried to convince his wife not to get rid of his neon beer sign by telling her that it was a ......... item and couldn't be easily replaced. She, of course, didn't want it to be replaced.
"Wow, you've come a ......... way since I last saw you. Then, you were working as a dishwasher. Now you have a degree, your own company, and a beautiful house. Congratulations," Bill told Thomas.
She knew that their relationship was coming apart at the .......... She didn't know how to stop the fighting and lying; these had become a routine in their relationship.
"We can't start the company without John and his computer expertise, and he said that he doesn't want to join us," Wes told Chris. Chris said, "I'll talk to him. He'll come ......... soon. I can convince my brother to do almost anything."
"I am glad to see the two of you. It is nice when your offspring come home to .........," Gladys told her two sons Rick and Bill.
"I'm really glad you brought your jigsaw with you. It sure came in .........," Luke said to Christian.
"What happened to your old car?" Lilly asked Amanda. "Well, I came ......... some money lately and sold it. It was old, and this new one will last me a long time," she replied.
"Oh ......... off it. I go to Mom's house to help her out, not to bum money! Have you seen her deck? I did all that as well as fix up the roof," Bill told his brother James.
"I really thought that I might have discovered a drug that worked on lung cancer. It seemed on paper that it would work, but I've come to a(n) ......... end. None of the mice I injected responded in any way," Dr. Cap told Dr. Lewis.