ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (159)

"When I was a kid, I hated green beans. It wasn't until I was an adult that I was able to acquire a ......... for green beans," Nate said at the dinner party.
"I had a horrible time living with my ex-husband and the experience made me wary of men in general. It took a real act of ......... to trust a man again and attempt dating," Laurie said to Ronda.
"My best friend is 43-years-old and is still going out to bars that are frequented by college kids at least twice a week. She usually stays out until 2 o'clock in the morning as well. Her friends are all in their twenties — except me of course. I wish she would start acting her .........," Laurie told Beth.
In many cases, young children who act ......... are looking for attention.
"Thank you for the compliment. The shed is not yet done, though. I am waiting until a sunny day to add the ......... touches the trim and the last of the paint," Rick told Ben.
"I feel bad for Wes' kid. He is starting school next week and he is so shy and afraid of his own .......... I know he is going to get picked on," Brian said to his wife.
"This homemade greenhouse is designed to keep the heat in — after a .......... There are some cracks in the sides of it but I think it still does the job," Chris told Adam.
"Yes, we'd love to come to your party. I can't tell you exactly when we'll be there since I am not sure what time I will get off of work but we'll be there after a .........," James told Mark.
"I figure if I read all of the required reading for the business class, that begins in the fall, over my summer vacation, I'll be ......... of the game and will have an easier time in the class," Ken told Walter.
"I had pneumonia and the doctor gave me some antibiotics. I took them for a week and now I'm all .........," Jeff told Ronda.