ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (99)

Larry knew that his wife wouldn't be happy that he told his best friend that he could stay with them until he found a place to live. He had to. His best friend had been there for him in his ......... of need and he would return the favor.
His friend's plan to start a business was like a house of .......... If any one of the multiple steps that it took to start a successful business failed, the whole plan would fall apart.
"How ......... Tommy got picked for the baseball team and I didn't? I am much better than he is and have been playing longer," Ricky asked the coach.
"I got the highest score on the test and you got the second highest. How do you like them .........? I told you I would do better than you," Tim said to his best friend Kyle.
"Hey, Bill. I haven't seen you in ages. How's .........?" Rod asked.
He had decided that he would have a pool installed in his backyard, but with as little hue and ......... possible. He didn't want everyone he knew to be constantly coming over to use it.
He decided to stop by the local restaurant. He hadn't eaten anything in over six hours and was as hungry as a ..........
She couldn't stand Jake he was a jerk. Even though he and her mother were all hunky ......... again, she remembered how he had acted toward his mother and what he had said that night.
He thought about what he would say to his boss tomorrow when he put in his two-weeks notice. He decided that he would start off by saying something to the effect of "I hereby give notice of my ......... to quit." He still had to figure out what he would say after that.
"I know that I have to turn the darn key to turn the truck on. I may be daft, but I'm not ........., Dad!" His son said during his first driving lesson.