ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (361)

"Why do I have to come to work on Saturday?" Sarah asked. Her boss replied, "That's just the way the ......... bounces. We need so many people and you were available."
"I just found out I'm getting a raise and my car repairs are going to be less than I thought. Things are ......... up!" Matt said to his girlfriend.
"Sir, can you please not ......... aloud? The rest of the people in here need silence," the librarian told Tommy, who was talking to himself.
"Wesley got into a bar fight last night? That seems so unlike him. I thought ......... of him than that," Irma told Shannon.
"Thank you so much for the ripsaw! That'll really help me out when I build my doghouse," Hank said. Bill replied, "Think ......... of it. I have three others."
"I know you're reluctant to sell your bike for less than $100, but please ......... it over and let me know if you'd accept $75," Ken said to Brian.
He had always wanted to work at RAND, the leading think .......... To work next to some of the smartest people in the world and try to solve some of life's hardest questions sounded like a dream come true.
"Ouch! Did you see that skateboarder fall down those stairs? That must've hurt! He'll ......... twice before he does that again," Bill said to Janice.
"I didn't want to move out suddenly, but I have no choice. I got a great job in New York, so I'm leaving next week. It's just how the ......... crumbles," George told Jesse.
"This stupid car has been a ......... in my side ever since I bought it. It constantly breaks down, and it takes most of my spending money each month to fix it," Jimmy complained to Lewis.