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English Slang Idioms (405)

"Did you hear that Greg and Jenny ......... up? They were together for four years, but now they won't even talk to each other," Josh said to his sister.
"Everything on the table is for sale except the vise. It's already ......... for," Zack said to the new-comers to his garage sale.
"Kyle is ......... off of you too much. Surely you can see that! I know you want to help him by letting him stay with you, but he's never going to move out on his own," Paul warned.
"Lilly is so lazy and immature! She has to be .........-fed; she won't make the slightest effort to accomplish anything herself," Pauline said to Laura.
"Most of your job is going to be doing spot ......... at our different factories to make sure that random product samples meet our quality standards," the boss told the new QC staff.
"I know you think the boss is smart, but aren't you spreading it on kind of .........? Telling her that the business world has never seen a genius like her before and never will again is a bit much," Jason said to Aaron.
The news about the accountant being led out in handcuffs spread like .......... Within minutes, everyone at the office knew about it, and reporters were already arriving to get statements.
"I shouldn't have bought that condominium. I'm spread a little too .......... I have a big mortgage payment now, and I'm not sure there's going to be enough money to go around each month," Mathew said to his brother.
"Honey, we need to buy a new hose. Ours has sprung a .........," Chris said to his wife.
"I can't find my wallet anywhere," announced John. "What did it do, ......... wings and fly away?" his roommate retorted.