ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (303)

"I used to run three times a week and do pushups and sit ups every day. I have let myself get out of ......... and I would be lucky if I could run down the block right now without falling over," Anna said to Kylie.
"I am sorry that I keep messing up this song on the guitar. I am way out of .......... I haven't played the guitar for at least two months," John said to Eric.
My mother buys old books that are out of ......... at garage sales and resells them for higher amounts because they are rare.
"I am sorry I am so quiet. I feel a little out of ......... at this formal, high-class gathering in my street clothes," Irma said to James.
"Wow, thanks for finding my contact lens. How did you ever see it on the ground?" Jay asked Irma. She replied, "I just happened to see the sun catching it out of the ......... of my eye."
"I heard Donna and Steve broke up. With Steve out of the ......... maybe she will go out with me now," Bill said to Tom.
"Can I borrow your truck this weekend to go camping with my friends?" Logan asked his dad. He responded, "Sorry, Son. It's out of the .......... I have to go cut wood for the winter this weekend. I already got the permit for it."
"Do you think I could wear these cool bell-bottoms to work? I know they are a bit out of the ......... but they are in good condition," Maxine asked Gracie while they were at the clothing sale.
"I think we have a good chance at winning the championship now that the Chico team is out of the .......... They got eliminated last week in the semi-finals," Matt told his dad when his dad asked whether he thought their little league baseball team had a shot at winning the World's Series.
"Billie asked me out. The question came out of thin .......... We were talking about the upcoming test and he suddenly asked me to dinner. I was hoping he liked me but he never gave any indication that he was interested in me before," Nancy said to Rebecca.