ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (227)

"Don't give the kids anymore chocolate, Gary. They have already had plenty. If you give them anymore, they will go ......... and will destroy this room by wrestling," Mary told him.
"Don't let our daughter take the credit card with her when she goes shopping at the mall or she will go ......... and bring back half of the store," Jeff said to his wife.
"You spent $500 on what? A new remote-control boat? Have you taken ......... of your senses? Our rent is due in a week and I know that you only have $100 in the bank and only got paid $450 this week," Bill said to his idiot roommate.
"I see that you have decided to go .......... Well, there is nothing wrong with wearing a sombrero while on a trip to Mexico, although, the locals will be laughing at you since yours is way too wide," Sarah said to Elmer.
"So you are going to tell the boss he is wrong during the meeting? You had better think about what you are going to say very carefully and have lots of evidence to back you up. If you go off half-........., you might lose your job," Rob said to Will.
"I don't like Karen. Every time she comes to one of our functions, she leaves in a ......... whenever someone disagrees with one of her many, well-voiced opinions," Laurie said to Kayla.
"When I told you to pick out a new TV for the living room, I didn't mean that you should go off the ......... end and spend $3,000. I was thinking more along the lines of a nice, cheap TV," Beth said to Craig.
"I am not going to sell my bicycle for $20. Do you have ......... in your head? I bought it for $500 two months ago. You were with me when I bought it. Don't you remember?" Jake asked Kyle.
"I am sorry that you didn't have a good time but don't look at me like it is my fault. I went way out of my ......... to introduce you to my friends, keep you company, and make sure that you had enough food and drink," Marcie said to Luke.
"James and I have been going ......... for three months now. Everything is going great between us but high school is still no fun," Laurie told her sister.