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English Slang Idioms (217)

"Losing our biggest client due to your misrepresentation of our product line is going to be a major ......... eye in your record but you will get another chance to prove yourself again. You have been a good employee up until now and we aren't going to fire you," Richie's boss told him.
"Let's go on vacation next month to Yellowstone National Park. We are getting a ......... on our taxes this year so we have a little extra money to spend," Jim told his wife.
"I know that you are sad about your boy friend moving to Spain but you have to get a ......... on reality. You can't just stop working and going to school just because you don't want to anymore," Jane's mother told her.
"Jim, will you come over this weekend to work on the group project? I know that it isn't due until next month but if we get a ......... start on it, we will have less stress and more time," Steve said.
He always got a ......... out of watching the wild rabbits play in the outskirts of his yard.
"Steve, you have to come over and get a ......... of this old radio I found. It has radio tubes in it but it still works!" Tommy said over the phone.
He hated that his wife was always late to functions. Once again, it was time to get a ......... on and she was — just now — applying her make-up.
"This one kid in school keeps trying to get a ......... out of me at school by calling me names but I am a big believer in that saying from Africa It is not what you call me that defines me but what I respond to'," Jimmy told Jack.
"Maureen talks so much! The whole time she was over, I kept trying to speak and she just rolled right over me. I couldn't get a ......... in edgewise," Gladice told Wanda.
"You have to figure out how to ......... along with people, Bill! You can't fight everyone you meet and you have to be able to work together with people," Nancy told her son.