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English Slang Idioms (297)

"We should go to the mall today to go clothes shopping. I know that all of the pants are on ......... at J.C. Penny's and I am sure we will find some more good deals while we are there," Maxine said to Louisa.
"I think that it would be good to hire Joe in that he brings a lot to the .......... He has a lot of experience in sales and has an extensive list of contacts that he could make use of on our behalf," Craig told the manager.
"You have time to go to the restroom if you hurry. The show doesn't go on the ......... for another six minutes so as long as you are back before that, you are fine," Jack told the new reporter.
"The police have asked us all to be on the ......... for an older man in a green pickup truck. Apparently, he is parking his van in the lots of local businesses and is abducting women as they walk to their cars. If anyone sees someone that fits that description, either let me know or call the police immediately, " the manager told her staff.
"The coach put me on the ......... for the next five games for cussing at a referee. I guess I should be thankful considering that he threw someone else off the team for the same thing," Bill told his roommate.
"I know that we were planning to have the Super Bowl party at my house but we are going to have to find somewhere else to have it. My TV is on the ......... and I won't be able to get it fixed until after the game," Matt said to Joe.
"Can we go to the supermarket for some salsa right now? I have had salsa on the ......... for the last four hours and I want to get some," Linda said to Chris.
"I am so stressed out right now; I am ......... the brink of disaster. I am failing in two of my college classes. If I fail, mom and dad won't pay for my apartment or for school anymore. I need to fix this and am not sure how yet," Zack said to his older brother.
"Why couldn't you stick up for me at work? I have taken it on the ......... for you many a time and you couldn't have backed me up?" Bill asked Jay.
"I need your expense reports on my desk and on the .......... Don't do anything else until they are on my desk. I need them immediately," George told his staff.