ESL, Srednji nivo

Real Life: Sports and Games (2)

The game of ......... involves players who bet against each other, then determine who has the highest ranking hand of cards.
......... is played on horseback. Two teams try to hit as many balls as they can through their opponent's goal line. The players use long, wooden mallets to hit the balls in this sport.
......... is a sport where a participant glides over snow with two long runners that are attached to the participant's feet.
The board game, ........., is played by two people who take turns moving twelve pieces across a board in an effort to take the other player's pieces by jumping over them.
......... involves sliding downhill, over the snow, on a long board that slightly curves upward on both ends.
In the game of ........., a player throws sharp, needle-like pieces at a board that has a bull's eye in the center of it and bigger circles around it. Players are able to accumulate points when they hit different parts of the board. For example, more points are allotted when a player hits the bull's eye.
The game of ......... is played by hitting a small, light ball over a net placed in the center of a rectangular table. It is like a miniature version of tennis; whereby a player accumulates points if his/her opponent fails to hit the ball back over the net.
......... is a game where two teams try to hit and move a puck (with long sticks) into the opponent's net. It is usually played on ice.
People who ......... jump and ride on a thin board which has four wheels. They often do so on the sidewalk/pavement. These people stand on the boards and often perform impressive and dangerous tricks on them.
The point of the board game, ........., is to make as much play money as possible by buying property and hotels and charging other players for their use.