ESL, Srednji nivo

Common 'Change' Usage

Don't forget to bring a change of ......... with you because we won't have enough time to come home before our outing. So, bring an extra, warm outfit and we can change in the bathroom at the restaurant.
Simon used to really like his teacher. However, lately, he has changed his .......... He has nothing good to say about her now. I wonder what happened at school this past month.
Every time I visit my parents, the store on the corner has a new name and is under new ownership. I wonder how many times that store has changed .........?
I was .........-changed last week. I gave the cashier a twenty-dollar-bill but she only gave me two dollars back on a five dollar purchase. Unfortunately, I didn't realize what had happened until I got home.
I don't know what to wear today. This weather here is so .........! It's cold in the mornings but it's really warm by noon. I guess I should just wear layers today.
You've really ......... lately. You used to be so friendly and happy. But, now, you're just bitter and depressed. What's going on with you?
She had a change of ......... and decided to go to Italy instead. The trip is more expensive but I think she will really enjoy herself.
We rented a cabin in the country for a change of ......... last weekend. We really needed to get out of the big city and enjoy a relaxing weekend surrounded by nature together.
My son changes his ......... a lot. Last month, he wanted to be a veterinarian and, now, he wants to be a firefighter.
I need a change of .......... I've been doing the same job for more than twenty years. I really need to make a change in my daily routine or I think I might go crazy!