ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (430)

"I'm serious! Dad told me he's going to quit his job and buy a motor home," Thomas told his brother. Nate responded, "Yeah, and the sun might ......... in the west. Dad is a workaholic. He isn't going to quit."
"You're going to sail around the world? You're 80 years old! Don't you think the ......... of time are a little against you?" Phil told his dad.
"I bought a restaurant! It comes fully equipped with all of the pans, pots, plates and everything. I bought the whole ......... match for only $30,000!" Bob told Maryanne.
"Paul's going to give you his miter saw? I warn you, there's no such thing as a free .........! After you take it, he's going to call you once a week and ask you for help with his chores," Robert told Jack.
"There is a fine ......... between creativity and insanity. Look at van Gogh and Nietzsche," Dan suggested to his roommate.
"Do you have to be so stubborn, sir? The union has some good reasons to strike. You don't need to give in to all their demands, but can't you at least throw them a ......... or two?" the CEO's advisor asked him.
"Why did you throw me under the ........., Jack? I thought we were friends. You blamed all of your mistakes on me while I was away on vacation, and now the boss is going to fire me," Kyle said.
"What did the judge do?" John asked. Sammy said, "They're cracking down on teens, so he threw the ......... at me. I got 100 hours of community service-- the largest penalty anyone has ever received."
"Why didn't you stand up for me when my parents were yelling about my poor grades? You could have told them it was partly your fault. You shouldn't have thrown me to the .........," Larry said to Carl.
"It's six o'clock already? Time sure ......... when you're having fun," Paul exclaimed to Chris.