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English Slang Idioms (425)

"Don't be surprised if the townspeople are rude to you. They've been rude to people since ......... immemorial," Juliet told the new waitress.
"You think your buddies are going to protect you, but just wait till we offer to drop the charges if they tell us what they know. All of your pals're going to sing like .........," Detective Samuels told the gangleader.
"I feel so good! I soaked in the hot spring last night and then went right to bed. I slept like a .........!" Chris said to Jimmy.
"Don't try to buy as much as you can afford now. Save your money and build up your assets slowly. Slow and ......... wins the race," Jay's dad told him.
"Ben, you need to hurry up and get this floor swept. You're moving slower than ......... this morning," the boss told him.
"I wouldn't try to trick Reuben into buying this broken saw. He'll see what the problem is with it right away and refuse to buy it. He's as smart as a(n) .........," Jared said to Ned.
"Honey, you did a great job sanding the dresser! The surface is as smooth as a baby's .........," Chris complimented his girlfriend.
"You and your brother have been mad at each other for months over that stupid broken coffee cup. Don't you think it's time to pass the peace ......... and forget about it?" Sarah said to Ian.
"I know it's hard when there's no resolution to a case, but I think it's time to let it go after 20 years. You aren't going to find the smoking ......... after all this time," Captain Benson said to Detective Olsen.
"Now that you've explained why I have a problem with my girlfriend and a resentment toward my father, how about explaining why you need to convince people that you know so much, Mr. Smarty .........?" Henry demanded of Bill.