ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (232)

"Don't listen to your boyfriend's advice about your car. He knows next to ......... about cars and will tell you to buy parts that you don't need and that won't fix the problem," her dad told her.
"I need to study for a long time in order to pass my final exams. I have ......... off too much this semester and, now, I have to learn everything that I should have learned earlier," Walter said to Ben.
"I need to find a way out of this business problem. I only make three cents on the dollar when I sell a product and that profit gets ......... off by the banks for the use of their debit and credit card machines," Jay told Wallace.
"I liked the movie "The Sixth Sense," but it was scary. I got ......... bumps when the boy was being chased down the hallway by the ghost," Ashley told Adam.
She couldn't help but ask her brother, "Why are you quitting your job with the accounting firm? You have a good ......... going there. You make a heck of a lot of money and you get to set your own hours. What is wrong with that?"
"I know that you can paint well, but you are not as good as your grandfather. He could ......... you a thing or two about painting," Eleanor told Bob.
"I just went to the supermarket and they have a deal there. If you spend $50 on groceries, you get a free ......... bag of groceries. I got ice cream, cheese, a loaf of bread, some salsa, a certificate for a pizza, and several little items in my bag," Irma said to Rose.
Many people are becoming fed up with medical insurance companies in the United States. For example, one dental insurance company has a mandatory six-month " ......... period." What this means is that for six months, after you sign up with them, they will not pay any of your dental bills.
"Bob just hit a major ......... slam for the company. He just took our competitor's biggest client away from them and the client signed on with our firm. Everyone give him a hand!" The manager said.
This was such good news for the company that a ......... of applause went on for several minutes.