ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (98)

"I just had to do some horse ......... with Chris. He is selling his business and we had to agree on terms. He is a tough character. He must have got me to make five concessions that I was not planning on to make," Brendan told his assistant.
"Well, it's horses for .......... Just because you like rap music doesn't mean that everyone in the office is going to like it. Everyone's got different tastes," his wife told him.
"We were able to stave off a ......... takeover from our competitor over the weekend. Perhaps we should buy some of our outstanding stock to try to keep this from happening again," the manager told the board of directors.
"We must be heading for an early summer. It is as hot as blue ......... out here and it is only May!" Bette said to Wanda.
"Wow, I am sweating and it is only 7 o'clock in the morning. It is going to be as ......... as Hades today," Max told Jessie.
What to do about immigration is a ......... topic in America at the moment.
"It is later than I thought. I am going to have to ......... foot it home so that I don't get grounded. I'll see you tomorrow!" Billy told Tommy as he turned to sprint away.
"The Ipod is a very hot ......... in America today and has changed the medium in which music is stored and played back forever," Tommy told the class during his presentation.
"Did you see Private Hayward? He must be hot to ......... to get out of here for the weekend. He could barely sit still and looked at his watch a couple of hundred times during a five-minute interval," Sergeant Gonzales told the First Sergeant.
"I am sorry. We voted and the majority of the office wants the coffeepot to stay in the break room. Don't be such a ......... about it only two others voted the same way you did," the boss told Willy after he started shouting at a coworker for not voting his way.