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English Slang Idioms (320)

"I don't know why she lets him control her life; she's such a .........-over," Kelly said to her roommate about her sister and her sister's boyfriend.
"I have to find someone who will take care of my tortoise when I die. It will still be alive long after I am pushing up .........," Matt said to Kim.
"We are trying to put a new ......... on our company by being socially responsible and pursuing sustainable business practices. The days of obtaining profit at the environment's expense are gone as of now," the new CEO said in the press conference.
"I wish my little sister would stop being such a .......... She does whatever her friends want her to do and she is always the one spending all the money," Gracie said to her boyfriend.
"It is my understanding that dangerous, potentially life-threatening hazing practices by fraternities are still taking place. We need to put an ......... to those practices. It is not worth someone's life or happiness," the college president said in the meeting with the school fraternities.
"Can we put ......... our differences until after the wedding so that our son has an awesome day? I know we aren't going to get along but can we call a temporary truce until after it is done?" Ben asked his ex-wife.
"I got to see my mom for the first time in five years and it really put back the .......... I remembered so many things from my childhood I had forgotten about and I even felt younger," Mary told Billie.
"I know that you are friends with the hiring manager at the bank. I just applied there. Would you be willing to put in a good ......... for me?" James asked his friend.
"I love that Mexican Food Restaurant. Their burritos are so good and big and their salsa is so fresh. We should go sometime," Amber said to Jane. Jane responded, "I just told you I was hungry. Stop putting ......... into my head. Now I really want to go to that restaurant."
"OK, I'll go to the restaurant with you at lunch. I am going to get their fish tacos, though. Their fish tacos are to ......... for," Jane said to Amber.