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English Slang Idioms (223)

"I finally beat Derrick in chess. I finally got the ......... hand when he lost his queen in a trap I laid for him," Chris told his wife.
"I just got the ......... from our corporate office that we will all be getting a Christmas bonus this year," Tom told his staff.
"I have tried to tell you that you will make more money if you stay in school. I have also told you that you will be able to get married faster and that you will have more power to the things you want to do later in life. I have also told you that you will get a job that you like if you go to school but nothing works. I just don't know how to get ......... to you," Kevin's dad said to him.
"So far, you are all pointing a finger at each other. One of your family members committed the crime. We will get to the ......... of this and when we do, the person who committed this crime will be in a lot more trouble than if the person had just admits what he or she did right now," the policeman said to the family.
"John says he is going to join the army but I don't believe it. I don't believe that he will get up the ......... to sign up and go to basic training," Ryan said to Kyle.
"I am so slow at getting my work done when I first come into the office in the morning but once I get ......... up, I can get a lot done in a relatively little amount of time," Josh said to Kate.
"You just heard that our office might be closing too? I got ......... of that at lunch. I hope our manager can tell us what's going on," Pam worriedly told Jake.
"It took a while but I got ......... to the game you are trying to play. You are giving me orders that you know are wrong and you are hoping that you can tell the boss about my actions and get me fired. It is not going to work," James told Craig.
"I saw Professor Jenkins the other day and he was just a ......... of himself. It was almost like the life had drained out of him. He didn't laugh at all like he used to and he was oddly quiet. It was sad to see him like that," May told Allen.
"I don't have time anymore to write and publish those training manuals that I was telling you about. I think, since I have most of the material, that I will hire a ghost-......... to complete them for me so I can still send them into the company that wanted them," Laura told her best friend.