ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (347)

"Everything you see is for sale in this garage except for the chainsaw. The chainsaw is not up for .........," Tom told the first people to arrive at his yard sale.
"Johnny! You are up and .........! I was getting worried about you. You were really sick for the past two weeks," Kyle told his nephew.
"Alright, up and ......... em. It's time to go to work," Steve's dad informed him at 6:30 in the morning.
"I know you planned to have the foundation completed sooner but you don't know what we're up ......... out there. We are still working on it but hitting all that rock has put us back about three hours. I will call you as soon as I have an update," Sean told Bob.
"I told my son that I forbade him to join the Marine Corps and he ......... against my wishes and joined anyway. I miss him so much and hope he is OK," Hank said to his best friend.
"The mayor just announced today that he won't support the bill everyone is talking about and the whole town is up in .......... Some people have called for his resignation and some others have recommended impeachment," Sally told her daughter when she came for dinner.
"Would I like to go to a plant sale with you? Yes, I would. As you know, gardening is one of my favorite hobbies so a plant sale would be right up my .........," Chris told Adam.
"I know you like to have a schedule that we stick to but do you have to be so up ......... about it? We were five minutes late to our first destination and you got really angry. Can you relax on the schedule a bit?" Linda asked Chris.
"I can't believe my boss gave me another report to analyze. I am already up to my ......... in reports that need to be analyzed," Beth said to Ellis.
"Can you find us another screwdriver? This one is not up to .......... The tip is stripped and won't turn the screw," Matt's father said to him.