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English Slang Idioms (282)

"I asked Matt about his parents' divorce and he was so matter-of-......... about it. He didn't express any emotions and he didn't take any sides he just told me about the facts. I would have thought as emotional as he is that he would have some feelings about the events," Sarah said to Amarantha.
"Do you have a pry bar I can use to get this board off? You don't? Well, no ........., I'll use this bay shoe lifter instead," Paul said to Chris as they were working on repairing the framing on Chris' house.
"The army is not bad, but for me, it is just a ......... to an end. When I am done with my tour, I'll have the rest of my college paid for and I will have something good to put on my resume that every company respects," PFC Mitchell said to PFC Thompson.
"As a son, I don't seem to measure .......... My dad is never happy or satisfied with me. I don't know who he expected me to be but I am obviously not it," Hank said to his girlfriend.
He ......... off 12 feet of wiring to install his ceiling fan. He thought he would probably only need 10 feet but it is always better to have more wire than one needs than not enough.
As a manager, it is important to choose the right ......... to send a message. It is not correct to fire someone via email nor is it necessary to speak to someone face-to-face every time you want to arrange a meeting.
"Matt wanted $80 dollars for his bike and I only wanted to give him $40 but we were able to strike a happy .......... We both decided that $55 was adequate," Simon said to his girlfriend.
"My good friend died in a car accident a year ago. I am not surprised that he met his ......... that way he always drove too fast and took a lot of crazy chances," Tim said to Luke.
"I don't have any plans during the early afternoon. I am going to ......... up with some friends for dinner at 6:30 but I am free until then," Shirley told Shannon.
"Wow, this pork cut is so tender. It's so tender that it is melting in my .........," Wesley said to Brian's parents at dinner.