ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (319)

"I am going to have to find another job. The state of California just pulled the ......... on our funding and our program has been shut down. I need to get out of the field of education," Brian told Janice.
"Christopher is such a jerk. I was planning a surprise party for my girlfriend and he pulled the ......... out from under me and told her about the party to get back at me for not loaning him some money," Stanley told Jake.
"My roommate really pulled the wool over my ......... this time. He was in an Accounting class last semester and offered to sell me is textbook for cheap. I took him up on it and then found out that the professor is going to use a different book this semester and my roommate knew that," Gilbert told Hank.
"It was hard to finish the semester when I got pneumonia but I pulled ......... and still got perfect grades in all of my classes," James told Anna.
"The bus accident really made our family pull .......... We weren't half as close before Mom, Dad and Tom were injured in the crash," Bill told Melissa.
"I am glad the police officer was walking by that day. I was about to hit my coworker but the sight of a cop made me pull up .......... I can't believe I almost did something that stupid; hitting him would have caused so many problems," Jake told Greg.
"My father was in the Air Force so every time I got used to a place or a school, we were pulled up ......... and moved away to a new town. I got to see a lot of places in the world but it was hard not living anywhere for more than a year or two," Bill told Jan.
"My dad has a lot of authority in our family but my mom controls the ......... strings. She decides what is bought and when and my dad goes along with it," Craig said to Calvin.
"He told me that if I run for school president against him, he will talk to the coach and get me kicked off the football team since the coach is a family friend. I am going to run anyway and I am not going to let him push me .........," Joel said to his roommate.
"We need to get going now if we are going to get home by nightfall. Let's push ......... and head home," Brian said to his wife at the bed and breakfast.