ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (330)

"We are going to have to pay someone to watch ......... the animals and plants while we go on vacation. They can't go that long without food and water," Jane said to Craig.
"I like our boss. He gives compliments when they are due and doesn't water ......... his criticisms so you know exactly where you stand, what you are good at and what areas need improvement," Carol said to Byron.
"Don't worry about standing me up the other night. I know you had a good reason for it and I don't have any hard feelings. It's all water over the .........," Phil said to Lavonne.
"Let's go out for a few drinks tonight. I know a local bar that is low-key and has upper-class clientele. The place is the local .........-hole for lawyers and judges so we won't have to worry about loud, rude college kids," Elsie said to Carolynn.
"I know you don't like giving authority to employees but that is the way the wind ......... these days. Most companies in our industry are using empowered work teams and are reporting higher moral and better results than when they used the more rigid hierarchical system of authority," Jamie said to Bert.
"I don't know how or why he bought that house. He doesn't have the ways or ......... to afford a house like that. It is at least $100,000 more than the houses that should be in his price range," Chris said to Linda.
"I thought that we would be together but once her career took off, he left me by the .........," Frank said to Simon.
"My company pays me for gas mileage but they really don't factor in the wear and ......... that my vehicle gets from steady use," Jeff said to Alex.
"My dad said that we can't go to the prom but we are steadily wearing ......... at him. I think there is a chance of him changing his mind," Jill told Danny.
"My mom can usually spot someone who is lying to her but she seems to wear ......... around her new boyfriend. I don't trust him and have caught him lying to her several times," Tommy told Herb.