ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (418)

"My dad always insisted that we go to church as a family every week in our Sunday .......... We had to press our clothes, shine our shoes and comb our hair," Hank said to Vicky.
"How do you want your eggs, sir, scrambled, over easy, or .........-side up?" the waitress asked her customer.
"Mathew, can you clean up the kitchen before going home tonight? It would really help us out," the boss asked. He replied, "Sure .......... That'll be no problem at all."
"Bill told me not to look for other jobs, since he can get me one at his company. I asked him if the position was ......... or not, and he said it was, so it sounds like I might be working soon!" Nicholas told Jane.
"On the ........., he seems like a nice guy, but I can assure you that he is not. Stay away from him, Laurie, or you'll get hurt," Pauline warned her.
"The police officer I've been talking to has assured me that I'm not ......... suspicion. I hope that means I can come back to work now," Nick said to his boss.
"Often, little businesses get ......... up by larger corporations because they can't compete with the them, although they may have a product that the big companies want," the professor told his Business students.
"I don't like that glass cleaner, but my mother ......... by it," Nancy said to Rosa.
"Sheriff, we need to swear in more deputies. The Oakland brothers have shot ......... the town and several ranches, and we don't have enough officers to arrest all of them," Billy said.
"Ouch! My head hurts after drinking all that wine last night. I'm going to swear ......... alcohol forever! No more hangovers for me," Sarah said to Lillibeth.