ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (183)

The burglars decided to ......... the joint before performing the robbery. They wanted to look for security systems and for ways into the building.
Often, the World Bank will encourage countries, that have obtained loans from them before, to start growing ......... crops like sugar cane or coffee to help raise the money to pay back the loans.
Many companies in America are looking for ways to ......... in on the push toward sustainability and "going green."
He had been waiting three hours for the guys to show up and ......... off his sheet metal from the old shed he had torn down. He was starting to get annoyed with them since he had errands to run in town that he couldn't get to, due to the wait.
Some churches believe that people can become possessed by demons who will harm them. These churches believe that the possessed people cannot become whole again until the demons are cast ......... by members of the church or by God.
"My cat fell out of our tree and is completely fine. The tree is about 30 feet tall! I guess cats really do have ......... lives. My cat sure used one of those up that time," Sally told Fred.
"You should call Nate back. He is a doctor and is rich. He is quite a ........., you know. I wish I had a doctor that was interested in me," Maxine told Jenny.
"That is the eighth time I have sneezed today. My nose is getting stuffed up, too. I think I am starting to catch .........," Marcie told Bill.
"I am sorry, you caught me off ......... with that question. Yes, I will go to dinner with you," the accountant said to the assistant manager.
He felt old asking his daughter to wait for him as he ......... his breath. He wasn't able to climb steep hills as easily as he used to.