ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (261)

"I just told the boss that the reason our products aren't selling is because they aren't functional and are ugly. I forgot that the boss used to work in the research and development department and came up with a large portion of our products himself. He looked pretty mad when I said that. I could kick ......... for saying that to him," Jay said to Marlene.
It seemed like the bus wouldn't be able to climb the hill in the snow. It didn't seem to have enough power for a hill that steep. All of a sudden, the driver kicked the ......... down and the bus started making a little bit of progress. It was slow going but the bus made it to the top.
"I just went surfing for the first time. Surfing is such a kick in the .......... I am no good at it but I would go again anytime," Curt said to Jessie.
"We just got through with studying for our English Essentials test. We have been .........-deep in sentence structures, phrasal verbs and antonyms for the past six hours. It has been horrible," Alice said to Bertha.
"Basic Training was the first time in my life that I can remember that I did not have the benefit of a .........-knit group of friends. It was hard not to have the kind of support available," Larry said to Jessica.
"I am trying to have a conversation with my friend so will you stop ......... in?" Mary asked her sister.
"The wind is blowing so hard outside that it almost knocked me off my ......... when I went out there," Maude said to Geraldine.
"I can't get this nail out of this board. I don't think it's possible," Jay said. Mark replied, "I can do it. No problem." Jay said "If you are so sure you can do it, ......... yourself out," and handed him the hammer. After several minutes of labor the nail came out — much to Jay's surprise.
"If you don't stop insulting David, he's going to knock your ......... off. I wouldn't blame him either. Why are you so mean to him especially when he's bigger than you?" Rocky asked Ben.
"So this is your new girlfriend, Max? She is a real .........-out. You finally found an attractive girlfriend!" Max's father said jokingly.