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Popular American Holidays

......... is a special holiday for Christians around the world. This marks the day that Jesus was born and is celebrated on December 25th in many countries. At this time of year, many people remember Christ's birth and give each other presents in order to celebrate the day.
......... is celebrated in November in the US. This is a celebration that marks the harvest season. People are often reminded of pilgrims, and are grateful for the annual harvest on this day.
......... is celebrated on October 31st each year. This is also called All Hallows Eve and is a reminder of the harvest at this time of year. Children really like this holiday because they get dressed up in costumes and collect candy from neighbors on this day.
......... day is the first day of the year. People often celebrate by throwing big parties on the eve of this day that falls on December 31st. People make resolutions as they look forward to the coming year.
......... Day is a federal holiday. On this day, Americans commemorate their freedom from British rule and honor the Declaration of Independence. This is celebrated on the fourth of July.
......... day is a federal holiday that takes place on November 11th every year. This federal holiday commemorates and honors American armed forces veterans.
......... day is celebrated on February 14th. This is not a federal holiday but couples, who are in love, usually celebrate this romantic holiday by giving each other cards and presents.
......... is another Christian holiday that denotes the day of Christ's resurrection. It is usually celebrated in April.
......... day is a federal holiday that denotes workers and productive members in America. This commemoration resulted from labor union movements that took place in the US and around the world.
......... day is a federal holiday that takes place in May and commemorates military members who were killed in the line of duty.