ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (100)

"I know the entrance exam for law school is difficult and takes a lot of preparation, but I'll cross that road when I ......... to it. I have at least two years before I can even apply to take it!" Marisa told her mom.
He had to call his girlfriend and arrange to see her tonight. He had a ......... to pick with her about the party she threw in his place last night while he was away on business.
"That's alright. You can lie to me if you want to right now, but I've got your .......... Now that I know what you are doing, I just have to figure out how you are doing it and then I am calling the police," the boss told Jeremy.
"I could handle him drinking too much, but cheating on me? That was the ......... on the cake. I threw him out and I don't regret it," Mattie told her mom.
"I made a mistake there myself the first time I did it. You have to keep at it though. If at first you don't ........., try try again," Nate told his son as he worked on building his first cabinet.
"If I had a ......... for every time that darn commercial came on TV, I'd be able to pay the cable company not to show commercials at all!" Joey said to his parents.
"Look, we need to focus on the big problems here. We need to stop focusing on parts of the company that are functional and look at the parts that aren't making us money. Let's see what we can come up with, and remember, if it ain't ........., don't fix it," the boss told the team.
"We had the church service at my house last night! It was so cool! The pastor knew I was sick and couldn't come, so he brought some of the congregation here and we had church. If Mohammed won't come to the ........., then the (...) must come to Mohammed!" Jerry told her friend.
"I hate Joe, Grandpa. He called me a liar!" Morris said. "But you did lie to him! You told me! If the shoe fits, ......... it!" His grandpa replied.
"I wish I had a Ford Mustang," Jill told her friend. "Well, if wishes were horses, beggars would .........," her friend replied with a laugh.