ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (264)

"I am glad that our final exams are coming up. It is always a stressful time but it signifies that we are on the last ......... of the semester," Dina said to Blanche.
"The other team is probably going to win. They have the football on our twenty-yard line and there are only two minutes to go. We have to make a last ......... and stop them here. If they score, we are done for the season. If they don't, we'll go into overtime and we might be the ones to break the tie," the quarterback told the team in the huddle.
"I don't think you should run for school president, Mike. I like you but I don't think you'll stand a .......... The other candidates are much more popular and have more money," Craig said.
"Wow, when you ......... onto an idea, you don't let go. You have been talking about making a garden behind the shed, non-stop, for the past two weeks," Laurie said to Nick.
His wife was afraid of bears and insisted that they leave the flashlights on in the tent all night. He didn't think the batteries would ......... out the night but he figured it was better for her to find that out in the morning.
"Slow down! What are you in such a ......... about? You do know it is 2 o'clock in the morning, don't you?" A surprised Amanda asked her sister.
"If people make fun of me, I don't let it bother me. I just ......... it off. Their misconception is their problem," Joey told his best friend at the school.
"I just saw the new comedy movie in the theaters with my girlfriend. You should go see it I think you would like it. We both laughed our ......... off," Sam said to David.
"I know that you think my get-rich-quick scheme is stupid but I think it will really work. We'll see who is right but I believe that you'll be sorry you said anything and I'll be laughing all the way to the .........," Simon said to Jimmy.
"Brad told us that he was responsible for the invention that enabled oceanographers to dive down into the ocean at great depths. He told me that when I was with some friends of mine who are also structural engineers. However, he didn't know that we were engineers because what he said didn't make any sense to anyone who has any knowledge about physics or logic. We ......... him out of town," Damon said to Elbert.