ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (96)

"Why haven't you gone on any dates in the past six months? Don't tell me that you are still holding a ......... for Steve. He doesn't even live in this area anymore," Lisa said to her roommate.
"I can't believe Joe's holier-than-......... attitude toward people who live together before they are married. He shouldn't be so judgmental of other people," Maggie said to Elisa.
She was sure that her best friend had a ......... leg. She could eat and eat and was still as skinny as a rail.
She had made a scene in front of the dinner party when she had yelled at her boyfriend in front of everyone for not allowing her have a cat. He had agreed to let her get a cat at dinner, but as it turned out, she had won kind of a ......... victory. Her friends made excuses when she asked them to do something with her and her boyfriend was still mad.
"......... smoke! You charge one hundred dollars to change a head light? That is twice as much as anyone else around here!" Willie told the mechanic.
Gas was now over four dollars a gallon. He thought it was highway ......... since he had just read a report that the gas companies had made record profits that year.
He had been in Iraq for 15 months now and couldn't wait to get back to ......... and hearth.
He had come from Israel but now the United States felt more like home. He figured that whoever had coined the saying "home is where you lay your .........," must have had a similar background.
"Well, there are only two more weeks left in the semester. We are on the ......... stretch now," Morris said to Jackson.
He knew that he would be able to finish Basic Training and become a soldier. With only a week left to go in the program, he was on the final ..........