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English Slang Idioms (123)

"Hi, Adam. How are your hot pepper plants doing? Mine are growing like no one's ......... now that the weather is getting warmer," Chris said.
"I am going to take my Honda in to the mechanic to change the timing belt. Changing a timing belt on a Honda is like pulling .......... It is so hard!" Adam said to Tom.
"Passing the final Law exam was as easy as taking candy from a .......... I expected it to be much harder," Luke said to Kyle.
"I used to have a hard time playing that song on the guitar as well. I have played it so many times now that I know it like the back of my .........," Chris replied in response to Kyle's question.
"Private McCan was so drunk last night. He kept ordering beers like there was no .........," Sergeant Haze said to the platoon sergeant.
"If private McCan is late to duty one more time, I am going to be on him like white on .........," First Sergeant Wilson said to his squad leader.
The news of the boss's getting fired spread through the office like ..........
Tim was suspended from school for fighting. When asked by his parents why he had gotten into a fight, he told them that another kid had called him a lily-......... coward for refusing to cut school.
"I talked to the boss about adding medical benefits for the staff. She said that she would consider it and would hopefully add medical benefits to our compensation soon. I don't think she will though. I think her response was just ......... service. I think she just said that to get me to leave her office peacefully," Kim told Randy.
"I know that the job seems very difficult but it isn't really. It is made up of a bunch of little tasks, so just start in on one, then another, and soon the job will be done. Just remember, little strokes fell great .........," the boss said to the worried employee.