ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (215)

"I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles and it took forever and a ......... to simply renew my registration. I hate that place," May told Maxine.
"I know that you are mad at your best friend right now but you have been friends for years. Is it that important? I think you need to ......... and forget sometimes and move on," Danny's mom told him.
"Hey Jed, it time to ......... over that bicycle I paid you for. You said you would bring it by in a week but it's already been two weeks," Chris said.
"I am sorry, Honey. I have to go into work. I know it's our day together but there was a ......... up at the plant that requires my attention — something about a broken pump," Jake said to his wife.
"I am sorry. I am not in the right frame of ......... to go to the river with everyone today. I am very angry and wouldn't have or be much fun," Lisa said to Tim, Rob, and Tina.
"The boss gave me a ......... hand to get my project completed and I am very happy. Now I don't have to ask permission to do things twenty times a day," Ken said to Vince.
"We saw a mouse in our place the other day and my roommate completely ......... out. She refused to go back in the house until the pest control company came. They couldn't come until the following day so she slept in the shed," Marcie said to Lila.
"After you told me about the burglar who hit the neighborhood two blocks away, I could swear I heard something outside my window last night. I was ......... out of my wits! It turned out it was a fat raccoon," Bethany told her friend Isabella.
"Then, at five in the morning, my husband took the garbage out and I thought it was the burglar again. I was scared to ......... again so I hit him with my umbrella when he came through the door," she said and laughed.
His parents told him that if he didn't get better grades, they would stop paying for his school tuition. They told him to stop "frittering ........." his time. He hated when they said things like that.