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English Slang Idioms (388)

"I had to work overtime last night because there was a shoot ......... at the Delray Bar. It took a couple of hours to arrest everyone and collect the weapons, so I didn't get home until three a.m.," Detective Wilson told Detective Simon.
"It's been a long day. I thought I would just give the lecture and leave, but the students just kept ......... questions at me," Robert said to his wife.
"Jimmy's a hard worker and a ......... shooter. I'd recommend him to anyone," Jimmy's old supervisor said when asked if he was a good employee.
"Do you have time to shoot the ......... for a little while? I have a thirty-minute lunch break and just wanted to chat," Kyle said to Adam.
"Hey, Rob. Did they ever catch those guys who shot ......... your store a while back?" Tim asked the shopkeeper.
"What is it with kids these days? It seems like most of them who come into my store are shop.......... My parents taught us not to steal, but I don't think children are taught that anymore," Max complained to Phil.
"When you dug the wine cellar under your house, did you remember to ......... up the ground floor stringers with wooden posts?" Nick asked Ian.
"Boss, do you have a minute? I just want to run an idea by you," Alex said. She replied, "I do, but you'll have to make it short and .........; I have a meeting in ten minutes."
"My parents passed away two years ago, and the estate was split up among my two brothers and me. I got the short end of the ......... though. They each got $50,000, but I only got $25,000 and a used car," Henry moaned.
"Before I come to your house, I have to deliver a load of plywood. It's a short ........., though. He lives fairly close to me, so it won't take me more than an hour," Bill explained.