ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (200)

"We realized that we had brought the tents and sleeping bags, but we forgot the second set of tent poles. We had to double ......... and sleep in one tent. On top of that, it rained the whole time. It was a horrible trip," Allen told his wife.
"I quit my job today. I can't work with Jim any more. He acted like my friend and I confided in him about some of the things I was working on. He then double- ......... me and stole my ideas. He told my boss that he came up with the ideas and he got promoted to team-leader," Beth told Bill.
The staff members were getting increasingly angry at the new boss. When asked about whether they were to be laid off or not, he responded in a way that left more questions than before. The double ......... was worse than if he had chosen not to answer in the first place.
Her boss was a constant annoyance. He had been ......... on her for some time. He questioned everything she did ever since that fateful day when she had questioned his judgment in front of the staff.
He decided that he would let his best friend live with him for no more than six weeks. That was long enough for him to get on his feet, and he felt like he would be returning a previous favor. His best friend had given him a car, free of charge, when he was down on his ..........
"There is a heavy metal concert on Friday? That sounds like it's right down my .........," John told his college roommate.
"I am sick of being forced into taking classes that shove liberal views down my .........," John told his roommate.
I don't think I am going to go out tonight. I think I am ......... down with a cold.
She was having a hard time talking to her roommate, Jessica. Every time she had a problem with her, Jessica would ......... in every fight they had ever had — whether it was relevant or not.
The lecture seemed to ......... on and on. He couldn't wait for it to be over. Economics bored him.