ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (79)

"Once you sink your ......... into the accounting course, you might find that it is not as hard as you thought and you might even like it," his mom told him.
"I don't have a ......... of a chance of getting the part in the upcoming school play. There are candidates trying out for the part who have way more experience and talent than I do," Marcie told Lindsay.
"I think that he will beat me in the upcoming debate. He has the ......... of gab. He can talk and talk and it is somehow all relevant to the topic," Chris told Matt.
"I feel sorry for her being stuck in that gilded .......... As soon as she leaves her mansion, she is constantly hounded by reporters. She can't go anywhere and be in peace," Mary said to her friend about the celebrity on television.
"Marcie got the highest monthly statistics this month and, in fact, no one in the history of the company has ever came close to beating her. Let's give her a big .........," the boss said to the staff and they clapped long and hard.
"I will give you twenty dollars to go to the movies, Bob, but what are you going to do for me in return? This is a give and ......... relationship," his father said when he asked for money.
"I think that Wes has a great chance of beating Alex at chess. He gives as good as he .......... He may lose a piece or two due to stupid mistakes but he has a knack for winning games that aren't going his way" Elsie said to Katie.
"You got an A on your final exam? Great job! Give me .........," his best friend said and they slapped hands.
"I feel good about letting my friend stay here to save money. I gave him a ......... up and he is now doing well, has a good job and has a nice place of his own," Rick said to Nick.
"The plumber left a huge mess in the front room after he was here. Next time I talk to him, I am going to give him a ......... of my mind," Misty said to Burt.