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English Slang Idioms (352)

"Bob always makes fun of me at work, but I just take it in ......... and refuse to let it bother me," Matt told Amber.
"I'm sorry, Joe. You're such a reliable employee that I didn't want to take ......... with you on your decision regarding this contract, but I decided I had to so that you know my policy," the boss told him.
"I'll be ready to go to the hotel in a few minutes. Just give me a little while to take it all .......... Everything is so beautiful!" Kim said to Jack after they stepped off the plane in Hawaii.
"Now it is my pleasure to introduce this band from Atlanta, Georgia. They are renowned for their blues and jazz routines. I give you-- the Squirrels! Take it ........., boys!" the emcee announced.
"I'm sorry I messed up on the chorus again," the guitar player told the band. "Let's take it from the ......... and this time I won't make that same mistake."
"I know that you're very angry with your boyfriend, but don't ......... it out on me. I didn't do anything wrong," Lisa's brother said.
"When I first started my second job, I felt fine. But the long hours are starting to take their ......... on me. I'm tired and apathetic almost all the time," Jill confessed to Alice.
"I'm so tired of that lady coming by at all hours to ask us for something. I don't take ......... to people who ask for favors when I barely know them," Chris told Linda.
"I've given you a lot of leeway on your project, but you're taking ......... that I can't allow. You're abusing my trust," the boss told Jack.
"The cable company charged us a late fee, but I paid the bill on time and I can prove it. I'm not going to take this ......... down. I'm going to complain to their manager," Bill told his wife.