ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (329)

"I was not expecting to buy a new set of tires this month. We are going to have to ......... every penny for the next little while or we aren't going to be able to pay our bills," Howie said to Eugenia.
"You think you are a better mountain biker than I am and you think you can beat me in a race? Well, eat my .........," Ernest said to Joey as he took off down the hill on his bicycle.
"You better watch ......... or you are going to get fired. So far, the boss hasn't seen you come in late but he will one day. You have been late three out of the four days so far this week," Violet said to Anastasia.
"Bill cheats on every exam in college. It is only a ......... of time before he gets caught and expelled," Christian said to Aiden.
"We are in church! You better watch your .........! Juliette said to her boyfriend after he cursed.
"I want to show my mother that I know how to raise kids who are well behaved so will you do me a favor and mind your ......... at grandma's house tonight?" Dana asked Sue and Becky.
"You better watch your .......... If you insult my wife again I am going to have to ask you to leave," Chris told the rude guest.
"The floor is wet right now so everyone remember to ......... their step!" the janitor told the staff.
"Make sure to watch ......... for people using your credit card for fraudulent purchases. Go through your bills each month and make sure you made every purchase listed," Jeff's father told him as he was getting ready to move away to college.
"You might as well walk off and do something else; otherwise you will be standing here forever. A watched ......... never boils," Jerry said to Louisa.