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English Slang Idioms (443)

"I can tell you want to end our relationship. It's ......... all over your face. I wish we could've worked things out, but I guess we can't," James said to Tina.
"You had a right to be mad at me for playing my guitar so late last night, but throwing it in the trash was uncalled .........," Brian complained to his roommate.
"When I went to basic training, I was determined to stay under the .......... I figured if I didn't stand out, I wouldn't get picked on," Joe told Greg.
"This award goes to Tom Siemens for five years of hard work and unwavering ......... to this company," the boss announced to the staff.
"Originally, we offered a $50 bonus to staff who achieve 90% of the company's performance statistics, but we've decided to up the .......... Now, the award is open only to those who attain 95%, but if you're in that percentile, you'll receive a $250 bonus," the manager announced.
"I hate when couples start joking about leaving each other because they're moving into dangerous .......... It may start off as a joke, but it only takes one comment to turn the conversation serious and hurtful," Jacky said to Gina.
Why didn't you get Adam a Christmas present? I might not have asked you in so many ........., but I did say that Christmas was coming and we needed to get all of our friends gifts.
"This was supposed to be a fun game for us to enjoy. How did it turn into such a ......... competition?" Henrietta demanded of the group.
"We're lost. Can't you read a map? How did you miss the exit we're supposed to take?" Nancy fumed. Luke replied, "Relax, will you? We're just ......... up to it now. See the sign?"
"We're going to make some good money off this concert. Look at all the teenagers lined up like ......... to the slaughter, just waiting to come in and spend their parents' money," Randall said to Hank.