ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (248)

"We didn't mean to break the window, Mom. We were just ......... around and we started to play keep away' from Derrick. I threw the ball as he tackled me and it broke the window," Jimmy said.
"You are trying to tell me that you had a Lamborghini but you traded it for a Honda Civic because it gets better gas mileage? Horse .........! I don't believe you," Matt said to Ian.
He thought about pushing his brother into the pool and then decided not to when he saw the sign saying "no .........." He didn't want to get kicked out of the pool before he had a chance to swim and play.
She knew she shouldn't get hot and ......... about her new friends' tardy behavior. Most people in the United States — between 13-40 years of age — seem to be late for social gatherings. All the same, she was anxious about the time.
Chris got it ......... and heavy from his wife when she found out that he had promised to help Ian build his deck. She thought that he helped Ian too much and that Ian was taking advantage of the friendship.
"If you need cheap concert tickets, Dan has the .......... His brother works for one of the big ticket vendors and can get you a good discount," Larry said to Adam.
He couldn't stand it when Mike ......... in on something he wanted. When he hangs out with his friends, he likes to speak freely about the things he wants and already, Mike bought two of the products he had mentioned in previous conversations.
The Ipod music player is a hot ......... at many colleges. It seems like everyone has one at times.
He had always liked hot ......... and was currently working on restoring a Shelby Cobra and an old Chevy Corvette.
"I know you believe in management by walking around' but it is a little distracting with you ......... over me all the time," Bill said to the boss.