ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (247)

"Tim, I asked you if you had a circular saw you could lend me for an afternoon and you said no. There is one sitting right there on your work bench. You have been ......... out on me," Simon said to his best friend.
"In the short run, there is a trade-off between inflation and unemployment. However, this does not hold ......... in the long run," the Economics professor told the students.
I needed one sale by the end of the day and I tried Mr. Bentler first. He agreed to buy a large shipment of our product. I got a hole in .........!" Ed said to Allen.
"Isn't it funny how the best Italian food can be found, not in one of the large chain restaurants, but in the little hole-in-the-......... restaurants?" Kim asked Cathy.
I like all of our son's friends with the exception of Robert. He is a holy ......... on our stuff. He jumps on the couches and beds when we are not looking and slams all of our doors even though I have asked him not to," Jill said to Ben.
"Honest to ........., Marcie, you are the best painter I have ever seen. I think that you should visit some galleries and ask them to take some of your work on consignment," Chloe said.
They fought daily and seemed more like roommates than husband and wife. He couldn't pinpoint when the feelings of love got swept away by the deluge of day-to-day details all he knew was that the honeymoon was ..........
"How would you like to come to dinner with us? We are going to a Mexican food restaurant not far from here. We are completely ......... on their Flautas," Margie said to the Wilsons.
"Now that you have your instructions, hop ......... it!" the Platoon Sergeant told his soldiers after ordering them to pump the water from the base's manholes.
"I could kill your brother, Joe. He showed up at our place all ......... up on espresso and proceeded to talk all the way through the movie we rented. He would quiet down long enough for us to get it started again and then start talking about God knows what," Ray said.