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English Slang Idioms (274)

"I get kind of angry when I am around Bryan and Lisa. I feel like they look ......... on us for purchasing a manufactured home. Their parents paid for their house so I don't feel like they have the right to critique anyone who bought his/her own house with his/her hard-earned money," Chris told Linda.
"I am glad that you got into a college fraternity like I did. Don't lose ......... of your goals, though. Remember why you are at school and what you are there to do. Don't spend all of your time partying," Wesley told his kid.
"I think trying to repair this deck is a ......... cause. It would cost more to fix it in time and materials than it would to build a new one. So much of the wood is rotten," Jed said to Moesha.
"I am very sorry I am late for dinner. I got working on my term paper and completely lost ......... of time," Marshall told his parents.
"I don't think we should invite Paul to the art show. Fine art is ......... on that guy. This is the guy who thought his car's carburetor made a nice centerpiece for his table," Chris said to Linda.
"Don't invite Mark to any of our social gatherings again. The guy is a ......... mouth, among other things. You could hear him talking — from a block away — about his intimate affairs with his girlfriend. I was embarrassed the whole night. I am sure the neighbors heard everything he said," Luke said to Ian.
"Don't let Buck cut the board, he'll only ......... it up. He has less sawing abilities than my grandmother," Bill said to Craig jokingly.
He had had a brief love ......... with Janice several years ago. He had fallen for her but she broke it off. It was an uncomfortable situation when she started work under his authority.
"The party was nice. It was pretty low-......... so our neighbors weren't irritated this time," Eddie told his college buddy when he asked how the party went.
"I really ......... out today. I got these sandals at half price and they were the last pair in my size," Linda said to Ashley.