ESL, Srednji nivo

Real Life: Coffee Shops (1)

Modern coffee shops appeal to a lot of ......... crowds because they offer overpriced drinks and pastries and are considered fashionable.
I want to meet you for coffee this week so we can ......... up and chat about things. I haven't talked to you in a long time.
My mother has high-blood pressure so she has to drink ......... coffee because too much caffeine is dangerous for someone in her condition.
I like to take milk in my coffee but my husband likes to put ......... in his coffee. That type of dairy product is made up of equal parts whole milk and cream and, therefore, contains more fat.
There are so many coffee shops opening up in our neighborhood. I wonder if it's just a ......... or if they will all actually be around ten years from now.
I love the new coffee house around the corner. It's our new ......... we go there all the time. You should meet us for coffee next week.
My nephew is allergic to dairy milk so he drinks ......... milk instead because it still contains a lot of vitamins but is safe for him to drink because it's made from beans.
I really like drinking ......... roast flavor coffee because the taste is so distinct and very strong. It has one of the strongest flavors — I don't like coffee that tastes too weak or diluted.
Just bring your laptop with you because the coffee house we're going to has ......... so can get online and do your work from there.
I like the coffee at the place down the street because it's so flavorful and seems stronger than most. I think they use a French ......... to make their coffees. It's a simple pot and plunger device that brews stronger coffee because there is no filter involved in the brewing process.