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English Slang Idioms (266)

"I don't have any ideas yet as to how to improve this company. I am still trying to get the lay of the ......... and get to know everyone," the new manager said to his assistant, Velma.
"Corporate just informed me that we are closing two of our branches and outsourcing the jobs overseas. This means that over a thousand people are going to be ......... off. That is horrible!" Judy said to her friend, Becky.
"If Thomas ever says anything like that to you again, I will ......... him out and I don't care where we are," Mel said to his wife after she told him about the vile things Thomas said to her earlier that evening.
"My husband ......... himself on his cooking abilities. He is actually quite good at least I think so," Dana said to Paul and Isabelle.
Travelling by plane is hard enough without a lot of .........-overs. When I came back from South Korea, I had over seven hours of wait-time to kill.
"Don't try to lay the ......... on me because we're broke. You have spent more in the past six months on junk then I have in the past two years," Bart said to Eleanor.
"Instead of pointing at each other and assigning fault, let's put our ......... together and find a solution," Tim said to the other employees.
"Jim, it is your fault that the customer is mad at the company. You were rude and gave him incorrect information. I know that you like to point the ......... at everyone else here but it is not going to work this time," Pauline, his boss, told him after lunch.
"I can't believe you beat me that fast. You laid ......... to all of my offensive maneuvers and defenses within minutes," Tyler said to Josh after the chess match.
"I am glad we talked tonight and worked things out. Now, we can finally ......... that incident to rest and be happy with each other," Paula said to Simon.