ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (438)

"Why are you so surprised that you didn't get that promotion? You barely do any work! The guy who got the job has been working extra shifts and always gives 110 percent. You reap what you .........," Larry said to Adam.
"You were late for work again this morning? When the boss finds out, you're .......... He already chewed you out about being late twice," Maxine warned Jenny.
"This organization needs some young ......... in it to bring some fresh ideas to the table," Mr. Roberts said to the board of directors.
"I don't care how you choose the team; it's your .........," the manager said to the supervisor.
"I know you're hoping that your husband will quit drinking, but you need to wake up and smell the .......... He's been promising to quit for the past 15 years," Harry said to Sheila.
"The doctor said you have chronic bronchitis? You should take that as a .........-up call to quit smoking," Peggy told Chris.
"Paul may be able to do more even in his condition, but there are different degrees of severity with that illness, so I don't think we can judge him without first ......... a mile in his shoes," Sally said to Bertha.
"He's becoming so angry and so quick to lash out. I think he needs to get help before someone gets hurt or he loses his job. He's a walking time ......... just waiting to go off," Jeremy said to Owen.
"My department is in a war of ......... with the Office of Education, each constantly accusing the other of incompetence and overspending," Jenny admitted to Bob.
"The boss sure isn't the warm and ......... sort, is he? He never compliments anyone, he tolerates no excuses, he berates people at length, and he has no sympathy for feelings," Johnny whispered to William.