ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (318)

"I probably could have made more money on the house if I had waited another year to sell it but a lot of my friends in the real estate business told me the market was going to go from a sellers' to a buyers' market really soon. I decided to pull my chestnuts out of the ......... before I got stuck with a house I couldn't sell. It just didn't seem worth the risk to sit on it," Jimmy told Brandon.
"The one thing I like about our boss is that he doesn't ......... any punches. He doesn't sugar-coat things so you always know where you stand. Also, you know he is telling the truth when he delivers good news since he is willing to bluntly deliver bad news," Markus said to Jill.
"I am recommending extra duty for Private Jenkins because he doesn't pull his own ......... in our squad. He is always avoiding work and when he does work, he doesn't work half as hard as everyone else. We need to teach him a lesson the army will not put up with people who don't do their fair share," Sergeant Johnson told the First Sergeant.
"I agree with your proposal to give him extra duty. I will make sure he gets worked good and hard. We don't need any ......... weight in this army," First Sergeant Wallace said to Sergeant Johnson.
"I am sorry that you just broke up with your boyfriend but you have to pull yourself .......... I could hear you screaming, crying and yelling on your cellular phone out in the hallway from here. If the boss catches you on a personal call when you aren't on a break, she'll fire you," Todd told Tammy.
"You don't know anything about hardship. Your grandfather was a car mechanic before the war and lost his hands when a grenade exploded. When he got back, he pulled himself up by his ......... and went through college to become a financial analyst. Your just have an annoying roommate and that doesn't count to me as hardship," Justine told his little brother.
"I know you are looking at me to give you a solution to your business problems but I can't. I can't just pull an answer for you out of a .......... I am your older brother but you know more about business than I do. From what little I do know, it sounds like your problems are outside of your control and are industry-wide," Bill told Carl.
"I hated to do it to him but he was going to make a big mistake by ordering his team to work seven days a week until the problem was solved. I ended up ......... rank on him and told the team to keep their regular schedules," John told his wife.
"You want to get a job at the factory? I went to management school with the boss. I will see if I can pull some ......... and get you a job," Joe told his friend.
"Don't try to ......... the broken ankle thing on me again. Your ankle doesn't have anything to do with painting your planter boxes. Besides, your ankle healed more than four months ago," Joe said to his little brother.