ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (167)

"I am sorry about the other night at your parents' house. I hope they don't think I am boring or impolite. I know I didn't talk much. I wasn't at my ......... the other night. I have been sick all week and, then, I found out the night of the dinner party that my cousin had passed away. I didn't get a chance to tell you before dinner," Jack told Maureen.
He finally had his desk set up so that everything he would need was at his ..........
"Jack, are you there?" The boss called out. "Right here. At your ........., Sir," he replied from the next room over.
He had finally earned the company's trust. When they trusted you, they really trusted you. He had gone from having barely any responsibility to having millions of the company's dollars at his ..........
"I am sorry but there is nothing more that we can do. We have, at great ........., done our best to make your experience with us a positive one. We gave you a new product, after your warranty had expired, and then we refunded you the money. There isn't anything else we can do," Kyle said to the disgruntled customer.
"I am at wit's .......... My husband doesn't have a job and won't look for one. I don't know what to do!" Lisa said to Phyllis.
"James, do you have a moment? I have been trying to ......... sight of you all day," Tristan said.
He decided to move out of the dormitories at the school and into an apartment. He had somehow lost ......... of his goal of getting perfect grades in his classes and he suspected that the reason for this was the constant distraction of living with others who were just starting out in college and wanted to party.
"Mark, you have been making a few mistakes in your paper work. I need you to double-check your work from now on. There is a lot of money at ......... here," the boss said to him.
"I was late again today after being warned that I would be fired if I was late again. I am totally at the ......... of my boss and am just waiting for her to call me in to her office," Jane told Louise.