ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (210)

"A lot of rich, famous women are in the news these days for their weird or trashy behavior. I guess it goes to show that fine ......... do not make fine birds," Matt told Lewis.
"Your spare tire is flat too? What a fine ......... of fish this is! We are fifty miles from the nearest town and it's raining," May said to Tom.
His kid asked him to look for his school report in his room since he had to go to soccer practice. He had already glanced around the room and didn't see the paper. He would have to go through the room with a fine-tooth ......... to find the report in that mess.
"I met with Mr. Wilson and tried to pitch our product to him. I didn't even get to ......... base before he told me he was late for some nebulous meeting and showed me the door," Mary said to Derrick.
He really enjoyed his train trip and vowed to recommend the tour company to everyone he knew. They were really first .......... The meal had been great, the staff had been courteous and the seating and view were also top of the line.
Even though there was little demand for watch repair, he refused to retrain and find another profession. His great grandfather, his grandfather and his dad had all been watch makers or repairers in Switzerland. He was, first and ........., a fixer of fine watches and that was all there was to it.
"I expected him to at least praise my work on the project before yelling at me. I went into his office and first thing off the ........., he started yelling at me for being late to the bus for the business trip," Randy told Rod.
He was happy that he had finally been promoted to ......... string on the sales team. He knew that he could land the big sales just as well, if not better, than anyone else on the team.
She was more angry at him than she had ever been before. She felt that she deserved to hear from him, first ........., that he was going to be getting the promotion that she really wanted.
"Nancy is very annoying. She is always fishing for .......... She is always bringing up her accomplishments and situations that make her look smarter than others," Irma said to Peggy.