ESL, Srednji nivo

English Slang Idioms (279)

"I can wait while you dig the succulent plant out of your garden but you'll have to make it .......... I have to be back to work in 15 minutes and it's a 10 minute drive," Chris said to Lisa.
"It is too bad it is raining while we are camping. Rather than let it ruin our trip, let's make ......... of it and get a card game going in the tent," Bill said to the boy scouts.
"You brought a bottle of whiskey to our parents' Christmas party? Are you crazy?" Joe asked his brother. Eric responded, "Yes! You have to make ......... on Christmas! A couple of drinks will put us in that special, happy, holiday mood."
"It always surprises me how much longer it takes to build something than to tear it down. It took me two hours to build a beautiful, detailed sandcastle on the beach. It took my 3 year-old two minutes to make ......... of it," Brandy said to Marcella.
"Why do you keep pulling my hair? It hurts ......... it out," Sarah said to her brother.
"Will you stop telling people all of the bad things I do and say? Why are you trying to ......... me out to be a monster," Laura said to Aiden.
"I like Anna because I have no idea what makes her .......... I don't understand why she gets up in the morning or why she wears what she does. She is mysterious," Luke told Bill.
"You decided that you were going to tell other people about your friends' secrets to make you seem more interesting to others and now your friends don't trust you. Now you want me to send you to another school because you are not liked there. I am going to insist you go to the school you are at because it is a good lesson when you make your ......... you have to lie in it," Matt told his son Josh.
"I have wanted to ask Brad out for so long and then, all of a sudden, he kissed me so hard it made my ......... spin," Lucy said to Emma.
"That chicken smells so good — my ......... is beginning to water," Sam told his grandma.